Eat some laughs!

We Eat Dinner in the Bathtub

Story – Angela Shelf Medearis

Pictures – Jacqueline Rogers

Scholastic Books

There’s something about the cover of this book that wants you to pick it up, pronto. Apart from the very catchy title, there is this picture of a family who are actually sitting in a bathtub, sprinkling seasoning on their pizza slices, a jug of lemonade by their side, and relishing it as if it’s only natural that you eat dinner in the bathtub!

And apparently it is so for Harris’ family, who is inviting his friend Josh to dinner. And why do they have their dinner in the bathtub, you may well ask – and so does Josh, which makes up for a very interesting and funny dialogue between Josh and Harris, and will leave you in splits as it unfolds.

Apart from the humour, it is also a great way of telling the tiny tots about the different rooms in the house and their functions – something that they are already observing, but what better than an interesting tale for it to stick the words in their minds and speak them out loud. And to sensitise them to the fact, that everyone is different, and that in spite of the differences, you can still be friends!

The illustrations in the book are simply fantastic, and make the story come alive. You literally feel being in the woods with Josh and Harris, or see the different things the family is doing in different rooms.

Pick it up, and read it aloud, and do laugh out loud. I can guarantee the kids will have so much fun that they will want to read it over and over again, which will set them on the path of reading – after all, the book indeed is a part of the Scholastic Reader series.


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