Nice of you to stop by to know about us! We are a library run by book lovers. We care about what we stack in our library and we care about our readers. We provide a nice ambience to make sure visiting us will be a pleasurable experience for you, and we provide the best book suggestions and recommendations if you choose to ask us. We have a hand-picked collection of books and our children’s books are certainly our pride! You can browse our collection online and if the branch you are a member of allows, you can even get your books door delivered.

Be a part of EasyLib and you will never have to look for good books anywhere else!

This blog is to connect with our readers to talk about books – only a true book lover knows how important it is to hash out every tiny detail of the book you loved, how the movie never matches up, and how to pick the next book so that you don’t waste any precious time reading something that does not deserve your time and attention – after all, there’s so little time, and so much to read!


2 responses to “About

  1. Gayathri Manikandan

    Came here through IMC BookClub. Am sure I have to dig in this blog to unearth book treasures. Off to check out the blog now 🙂


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