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Book Review : Nate the Great and the Boring Beach Bag by Marjorie W Sharmat

Nate the Great and the Boring Beach Bag

Story – Marjorie W. Sharmat

Pictures – Marc Simont

Random House

Don’t we all love the mysteries and suspense in stories – the thrill of the whodunit, the parallel solution of the case that is being worked out in our minds as we keep reading and eliminating possibilities as we go along? The ‘Nate the Great’ series is the perfect introduction of the genre for the young ones, and will definitely get them hooked.

Nate is an intelligent little boy, who is always interested in solving mysteries, accompanied by his dog Sludge. He also gets requests from his friends to look for their missing things. In this particular book of the series, Nate’s friend Oliver has lost his bag on the beach, and he wants Nate to help him find it. The story starts pretty well, and the kids get the hang of deductive logic that Nate is applying in solving the mystery quickly, joining him to give their own answers to the clues. The level of mystery is just right for the beginner readers, challenging them, but encouraging too with the simple clues. Nate comes across as a very smart kid with great common sense.

The illustrations are very engaging too – the notes and the clues hidden in the pictures attract the kids, and makes the book interesting. The story idea is just right for the ages 6-9, and the choice of words has the right mix of easy and a little difficult words to gear them into the world of ‘big books’ – and it is high on the entertainment quotient too!

Sharmat has written about 30 books in the Nate the Great series, and there is something addictive about them – you just can’t stop at one. The edition that I have comes with some fun activities at the end of the book, perfect for occupying the kids on a hot summer afternoon, and a good way to comprehend the finer details of the story.

Get sleuthing with Nate the Great and your kids then!

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